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From elegant to simple, always practical. We will make your restaurants and events memorable and profitable. Our full line of outstanding Banquet and Event products makes the simplest event a “Special Event”. Every event is memorable for the Customers and Guests... and profitable for you!

Food and Beverage is an extremely important area for us. We feel that we are partners with our customers to transmit a superb image to their guests based upon the unforgettable dining experience which your hotel or restaurant offers.

We are well aware of the importance of the services and products that you offer to your clients. That includes conventions, special events, conferences, fairs, and many other activities.

All of these require coordination of the areas of restaurant, room service, banquets and buffets. We offer the best quality tools within the range of your budget from our wide-ranging inventory. We offer originality, quality, service -- and always -- prices within your budget.


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